A little calm in a crazy world

Been a bit crazy these past few months with this new normal and I realized I find gardening extremely therapeutic. There’s a bit of joy seeing things grow each day, helping me to realize the wonders of creation. Reaping some of the harvest for a first year gardener isn’t bad either! Tomatoes, beans, peas – they’re all coming in! Learning which variety we enjoy and also learning ways to improve for the next year too.

I’ve also learned over time that it is OK to adjust, and even ripping things out (like snap peas that didn’t survive the heat).

Somethings to plan for, for next season:

  • Rattlesnake pole beans – I love these guys and putting them on the wheeled planters allow me to use the beans as shade too!
  • Snap peas – they do not like heat! Mid-July is harvest time.

Additional things I have learned:

  • Making sure there’s a backup plan for a replacement crop when one fails. But at the same time, it’s difficult since if it does NOT fail, then now I need additional space for the backup set of crop. Dilemmas of a first year gardener!

Side note: Bunnies love strawberry leaves! I had to really make a life decision here: do I allow this little guy to keep eating or not. Good thing he didn’t chomp down on the entire plant cuz I would have been really sad