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Free from distraction

One of the main reasons why people (myself included) don’t get much done sometimes can be attributed to the many distractions we have. I wake up silencing my phone alarm and almost immediately, I’m inclined to check my email. Not that I’m “that” important, but it’s become habit. I have developed a bad habit of habitually checking email throughout the day, regardless if I’m expecting something or not.

In an effort to combat this bad habit, on the advice of my current book, I’ve decided to limit myself from checking email. I cannot totally remove myself from email since I do have to work the daily 9-5, but I have moved the mail apps on my phone into a folder and onto a separate screen. Replacing the mail app on the “dock” is my PDF notetaker, which is also what I use to read PDF copies of books. This way, when my muscle habit kicks in and “automatically” picks up the phone, I’m forced to read something – but not email. I’m hoping that this will help free myself of distraction, with the goal of getting more done. I’ll keep you posted on progress!

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