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New Years resolutions?

With the passing of each year, we all find ourselves making resolutions. Goals that we all set as another marker in time passes. Either it’s working out (which seems to be the most common) or building stronger relationships with your family and friends, having goals gives us something to work toward. And for that reason, I’m segmenting 2020 into small pieces called months. Yes, instead of new years resolutions, I’m doing monthly resolutions. For 2020-JAN, I have resolved to read. You heard that right! Throughout 2019, I’ve been “reading”, but not focused reading. Not reading books, but rather magazines with short word counts. While this was fine and dandy, I feel like it has conditioned me to have a shorter attention span. Thus, the focus now is reading. Reading a book a month.

Wait. Maybe not a book a month. Maybe half a book. Or maybe a quarter of a book. Who knows. But the idea is not the quantity, but the quality of reading and developing the skill of reading. First book?

Think and Grow Rich! 🙂

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